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There is a lot we can feel and discover intuitively, especially colors and combinations. The more relaxed the artist is and lets his creative energy flow naturally, the more interesting and the more vibrant his paintings become.

If you succeed...

It is always important not to think about which color or technique to choose –  it is important to do everything intuitively, spontaneously, listen to your body senses and disconnect your mind. Of course, it’s easier said than done. But if you succeed, you can expect the right composition and consistent color, though you’ve never done it before nor never learnt that in the past. After a few paintings people start to see the environment differently – pay more attention to colors, their combinations, forms of nature, and their relationships.  The attitude changes; it becomes interesting to observe the meadows, the skies, and the people around. The world is getting much more colorful and interesting.

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Abstract painting is special because there is no clearly recognizable objects, but it usually resembles something that evokes different associations for different viewers and can reveal itself differently every day.

When someone is painting, he or she invokes many ideas of abstract expressionism that allow to play with the features of color and touch.

We use random, spontaneous, motion techniques, which produce a natural picture close to natural structure. Anyone can try this kind of painting and enjoy the process even without being an artist.