PAINTER | TEACHER Rimutė Balnienė

I hope to share my knowledge with anyone who is indifferent to art, who wants to find the perfect self-knowledge and spend time with themselves.

Hello, my name is Rima. I am a representative of abstract painting on acrylic canvas, silk and fractal painter, and Fractalography methods. Painting is my lifestyle. The time when I feel alive is when I am painting. I am an artist who creates moments of my life, who expresses her feelings in colors, who shares her work with people and wants to be understood. Because I am a doctor myself, I want my art to help people overcome their troubles, complexes, raise only positive emotions, and help them enjoy each and every moment of their lives.

Art changes the person, the values ​​of life and the environment around, changes the relationships of people, and gives them joy.  Standing next to his work in front of an audience, the artist feels absolutely naked –  there is so much included in his work and all the audience has to do is read it.

We all see and read differently and it’s wonderful. There is no bad or good artwork – there is just a feeling, an emotion evoked by a specific image for a particular person. So when one thinks it is wonderful, the other thinks it is not.

Painting helps to relax and do everything intuitively. If you manage to match your creative mind with your free choice of techniques and colors, you can expect the right composition.

Silk painting allows to create and express the feelings in colors without knowing the end result. And it inspires me. I like trying new techniques and new style of work. I am very curious and patient. My painting is sometimes delicate, sometimes expressive, but always with unexpected color accents. I like painting abstract objects. I am inspired by nature, relationships with people,  colors, and music. All this is reflected in my paintings. Using the technique of randomness, spontaneity, motion, you never know what the final outcome will be and when you will have to stop. This mystery is the driving force throughout the painting period and it inspires creation.

I was born, raised, studied and worked in Kaunas, Lithuania. For the last twenty years I have been living between two countries – Lithuania and Switzerland.

Switzerland gave me the opportunity to study with and learn from the most famous artists who taught me watercolor, calligraphy, acrylic and silk painting. I joined the Artists’ Union and the group of silk painters, started organizing exhibitions of my paintings, training silk painting and fractals. I was really surprised how my students get involved in the method of art therapy, involving their family members and friends.