About me

 Hello, my name is Rima. Painting is my passion, a way to express my feelings with colors – express the world around me. I hope to share these feelings with You.

As far as I can remember, I’ve always been fascinated by abstract art. It liberates imagination and expression. Always experimenting with different techniques and trying to express myself differently every time is my goal while painting. Interpreting abstract paintings is a different experience for everyone. I hope people feel my paintings in their own unique way and enjoy it.

I am also educated in Shibori silk painting in Japanese cultural center Kaunas, Lithuania. My paintings were exhibited in Kaunas 2012, and in Zurich 2013. I organized my own workshop 2014 in Zurich too. Shibori silk painting techniques including binding, stitching, folding, rotating and compressing the fabric and dying it. The end result will be your own interpretation and production of a painted silk scarf.

If you have any questions about the artwork, do not hesitate to contact me.